What: I Am Loved is a community-based art project. The goal is to bring together the small stories of love that make up our lives through visual and performance art, as well as spoken and written word.

These are the types of stories that will never make it into the history books. Even if our lives took us somewhere grander and much more in the public eye […] the small companionships that littered our days would not be included in our biographies. The shards of minute intimacies and loves are not big enough for the public stage, but they make us who we are, just the same.

I Am Loved is a celebration of belonging and community, a platform to reach across political, social, and economic lines and remind us that at our core, our heart is our most important feature.

Why: I Am Loved was created by S.K. Clarke as a response to the increased aggression, hatred, and violence she has seen within her community and country. Clarke hopes that this reminder of little loves and affectionate memory will be a weapon against those seeking to harm, cut down, belittle, or hate.

Where: Art work will be featured and shared on Instagram (Iamloved_project) and Facebook (@IAmLovedProject), as well as on skcwriter.com.

How: Submit your story, poem, photograph, collage, art piece, video, audio, (etc. etc.) via the Contact form, through Facebook messenger, or Instagram messenger. You may also e-mail submissions to skcwriter@yahoo.com.

There is no age restriction, no call for perfect grammar or photoshopped images. This is YOUR voice, YOUR weapon against injustice and malice. YOUR voice will not be censored. It is a stage for inclusivity and love. It can be four words or a construction paper card – anything that is a reminder to you that you are loved.

By sharing your stories, images, and art – you give permission to have that piece used in its entirety. Please indicate whether or not you would like to remain anonymous.

Please note, any story that does not speak on tolerance, love, and kindness will not be included.

Share: You have the power to create real change in the world. Please feel free to share these images, stories, and messages of hope and love. Retweet, Repost – if it touches you, feel free to share it. Please, if you can, make sure those you are sharing it with know where it’s coming from so that they, too, can share their stories, in turn.


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