“Hello. My name is Serra Somay. I am the only child of Noyan and Lisa Somay. Please, I want a dog.”

I was constantly begging my parents for a dog. I must have gotten so annoying that they just gave up. On my 8th birthday they took me to my English teacher’s house so I could pick a puppy and bring it home.

There were 6 puppies in the house. “How could I ever pick one? This is cruel. I want them all” I remember saying. Moments later I saw him. Love at first sight!

His name at the time was Hovis. He was cute like a button. Hovis was for sure coming home with us.

I remember we got in the car and the first thing he did was pee on my lap. I thought “Great! We started mingling!” 🙂

Hovis was really sad for days. He missed his family. He couldn’t adjust to us nor his new home. He didn’t sleep, he didn’t eat. He cried in front of the door for days. I kept telling him that it was gonna be alright.

On his 3rd day I just gave up. “He doesn’t like us and we should bring him back to his mummy” I said. That day he stopped crying…

Hovis became Chester. Chester became Mr. Chester.

Chester very quickly became my best friend. We as a family created 19 years of material together with Chester. I will tell you the one that really sticks with me.

I was 14 or 15 years old. I was home alone with Chester crying like crazy over I don’t even remember what… Chester was there licking my eyes, sweeping my tears away and I was so emotional that I started hugging him. You have to know: Chester was exactly like me! He did not enjoy cuddling but he was super loving. That is why him allowing me to hug him for hours was an extraordinary thing. He calmed me. His love and the way he sat there with me patiently was something I cannot forget. His black olive coloured eyes looking at me I finally got up. Thanked him, kissed him.

Dogs are incredible! It’s unconditional love that they have. Growing up as an only child he was everything to me. My dad insisted he should be in every family picture, every family occasion. I used to think “why?” but now I thank God my dad insisted.

Chester passed away the day before my engagement. He was 19 years old. I KNOW 19 YEARS OLD!

I was no longer a child. He had raised me and now that I was grown he passed me on to the other man in my life…

He died in peace, in the arms of my dad surrounded by family who adored him and loved him so much.

He was a brother, friend, father, grandfather… We loved him unconditionally just like he loved us. 19 years of friendship…

Thank you Mr. Chester. You will always be in our hearts.


Serra Somay

Serra Somay is a drama and theatre teacher at a private school. She studied acting but now is a teacher. She is a huge DRAMA QUEEN. She grew up in İstanbul, Turkey. Her mom is from Duluth, Minnesota and her dad is Turkish. She is a nice person…I hope she is… I like to say she is a nice person.

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