Let’s be honest, how many people can say they love their job?

When I started in nursing 7 years ago, one of the many reasons I started was knowing there are many routes within the field. After working with adults for five years, travel nursing for a brief stint (and finding that I loved and missed my family more than I ever thought imaginable), I somehow landed my dream job!

Just under a year ago I started working in a very large teaching hospital in pediatrics. Never did I know that I could enjoy going to work day in and day out. Feeling appreciated each and every day by my patient’s families is more than words can say.

I recently had the pleasure of taking care of one special little girl who I’ll call “Wonder Woman” for confidentiality sake. To make a long medical story short, she’s currently undergoing chemo and radiation for a rare form of cancer. When I was informed by a coworker that Wonder Woman and her parents were talking about me, after not having seen me for over a week or more, I knew I had to stop in and say hello. The moment I walked into the room, this beautiful little red-headed girl beamed from ear to ear and said “I miss you so much!” …..secretly I think my heart burst into a thousand pieces and I felt like I could have been a puddle on the floor.

She continued to share with me all about her trip to the zoo before her hospitalization and I learned all about her newest stuffed animal—“Storm-Cloud”— whose name she created from it’s grey and white fur (how creative!) This single moment, this tiny interaction, had filled my heart to the brim. I found out later that I was lucky enough to be deemed one of Wonder Woman’s “favorite nurses”! Truly an honor from such a caring, grateful family.

Seeing many patients day to day, it’s sometimes easy to forget faces, and then there are those who touch your heart, for forever. This family has surely touched mine. Moments like these confirm my love for my profession —and that I’ve made the right decision to become a nurse.

Please keep my new favorite super hero in your thoughts and prayers as she continues her fight!

“Wonder Woman” was written by Travis Gipe.

Travis Gipe is a nurse to some and a friend to all. He currently works in the pediatric wing of a Pennsylvania-based teaching hospital.

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