I’m not quite certain I will ever want to raise a child of my own. They require a lot of energy and sacrifice. I always thought that made me a selfish person, and I was completely fine with that. Then I got to meet Qenzo.

This may be the most pleasant baby I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. He made me second guess my decision on whether or not I wanted to raise a child. 19873899_10108283548304679_121017775_n
This is a picture of his father, Qasim, and I enjoying the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in Fairmount Park. The reason we look like a “modern family” is that I’ve known Qasim for over two decades. We have shared a lot of fantastic memories together.
When I found out he was going to be a father, I had mixed feelings. I was happy as well as worried that I would be losing another friend to the burdens of parenthood. Once again, my selfish side shows its ugly head. Fortunately, upon meeting this little Japanese/Pakistan baby, my worries were washed away. Not only do I still get to hang out with Qasim and his wife Emi, I also get to enjoy Qenzo’s ever changing facial expressions, giggles, and farts (he takes after his father). This small Asian baby became a part of my small story of love.


“Change of Heart” was written by Anthony Previte.

Anthony is a lifetime friend, traveler, and introvert living an extrovert’s life.

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