I was in NYC on 9/11. It was the most terrifying and horrifying experience to live through. Not knowing if more attacks were coming. Unable to leave Manhattan for over 24 hours. Communications down.

But through this awful time, for once, New Yorkers came together. Lines at blood banks were so long, they were turning people away. Strangers were nice on the streets and in subway cars. We all came together, and NYC bounced back.

I, in turn, had my best year of college. This atrocious event broke down all of our barriers. It left us all emotionally vulnerable, and therefore gave us new perspectives on art and acting. I was cast as one of the leads in the big Tisch musical. It ended up being a great year. Full of love and respect.

Out of fear and hate came love and growth.

“Then Comes Growth” was written by Aileen Goldberg Cairns.

Aileen (Goldberg) Cairns is a professional actress, singer, and travel agent.
Visit her websites:

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