I was born on a snowy December morning in Hanover, NH, to a wonderful mother and an absent father. He gladly signed adoption papers assigning my Dad as my father when I was young, and my parents married when I was 2.

I lived in WV and MA (where my sister was born in 1967) before we landed for our memorable upbringing in Western Maryland. Dad’s and Granddad’s successful asphalt business and commitment to family gave us a happy, healthy childhood.
36 years ago, this Cumberland gal began a journey like no other. Graduating from a community college provided skills to land a legal secretarial career in Washington, D.C. I began employment at a prestigious law firm in the heart of NW DC (think: DC-101 building). Eye-opening barely begins to describe this path; the best part is my making life-long friends who remain key figures in shaping this gal they call “Binski.” (Happy Anniversary my Westie Bestie, Carolyn! What happened at Artie’s stayed at Artie’s! Thank you, Rebekah. You are a mentor I was blessed to shadow. Bless you, Nancy! You are sunshine wherever you go, and you always made overtime seem like party time!)
After commuting into the City from various points around the Capitol Beltway for 15 years, I married the “boy next door” from my Cumberland neighborhood. We had dated previously, but it was not in the plans to stay together then. I began working with him in his insurance agency in Frederick, MD, in 1995. We are still working together and just celebrated Anniversary #24. I’m a step-mom to his son, and a proud Nana now!
In 1998, Mom got a call from a distant family member asking where I was. She got my permission to share and we then learned I have 4 more siblings.
My bio-father went on to marry 4 more times, having 3 children with his 2nd wife and 1 child with his 5th. The winter of 1998, I met them all at a wonderful reunion on my behalf at Sandy’s farm house (second wife). There must have been some awful stuff that went on as there seems to be a lot of estrangement going on (something I am blessed with which to NOT be familiar), but I am somewhat close to Charlie (NH) and Liz (WA).

One of my best friends is a neighborhood friend from 3rd grade; I consider her my life-long bestie. Earlene is my bestie! I just love my friends like no other! I truly do not know what I would l do w/o each of them. One of my best high school friends survived 2 brain aneurysms 10 yrs ago, and she remembers me but not many others. Her short-term memory is gone, so our friendship is different, but there’s that tug.

 Robin Norris Brown is 55.5 years young and is proud to celebrate the loves in her life.



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