Love Library

I had a conversation awhile back with The Soulmate about dating and love and relationships.

He said: Relationships are like a library, the more people you meet, the more books you collect, the more information you gather, the larger your library – your life becomes.

I nodded in agreement – Yes, yes  – I thought – Relationships are just like a library. 

My mind wandered for months on this simple analogy – how as days pass, you read more and more pages of someone’s book, how shelves can get weighed down and crack with enormous volumes, how other books can prop up a busted limb of your library, just as a new friend can mend a torn heart.

It wasn’t until this very moment that I realized that when you left, you took a very important book from my shelf. A book I was not yet finished reading. A book with pages left unturned and knowledge left unknown. There is a gaping wound where your relationship once sat with its pliable, durable, and comforting cover of leather and strength. I knew it was absent for a while, but I guess it took tonight to realize that it’s never coming back. And, somehow, that has just made its absence all the more painful.

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