Three-Course Women

The New Hope was everything I had ever wanted: gorgeous, a great dancer, wonderful in bed, wonderful out of bed, cooks homemade gnocchi, dresses well, takes me on incredible dates, athletic, intelligent, an all-around-great-guy.

I pinched myself on regular occasion, trying to bring myself back to a reality that made sense and had this guy dating a 5-foot-nothin’, beautiful brunette who could spend time on eyelash curling and ombre hair dying. Not the girl with crappy manicures, a rumbling laugh, and a snort.

It was lovely – three-course dates, three-course dinners, three-course lovin’.

Life made me smile.

But what I soon realized, was that I’m not always a three-course lady. I’m also the woman who wants to sit on the couch for a night, binge-watching The Daily Show, with take out on the coffee table.

Yeah –  I jump out of planes. I travel the world without a map or agenda. I want to be spontaneous and hop into the car and have you drive anywhere, but I also want a home. I want comfort. I want three-courses of stability alongside of my three-course adventure. Maybe his perfection wasn’t the exact type of perfection I needed.

On to the next in Life’s Ceaseless Buffet.



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