Dating My Brother

My brother and I are very close. As I write this post, he is in the recliner next to me, Rock and Roll High School playing on my TV. While I was at work today, he stayed in my apartment with my sick dog and drove us to the vet this afternoon. He’s one of my best friends.

He’s also super preoccupied with my singlehood and is constantly trying to hook me up with his (sometimes) willing friends. Which is nice… I like his friends. Except I find that these guys usually only want to talk about one thing – my brother.

Now, I talk a lot and I talk a lot about the people I like a lot. However, when it comes to romantic dates that will maybe, one day, hopefully lead to hard-core making out and romantical touching – I don’t REALLY want to be talking about my brother 3.5 seconds beforehand.

My brother has only ever been in long-term, serious relationships, but after finding himself single after a 10 year relationship, it’s easy to say he’s been out of the game. No, seriously. There is no game. It’s appalling to watch my brother try and communicate with the other sex, but I applaud his attempts. (Not everyone can be as experienced with rejection as I am.)

When he recently went on a date, he called me afterward to complain that the only thing he could talk about was me. There seemed to be no other common ground between the beautiful girl in front of him and his out-of-commision dating game besides his perpetually single sister.

So, I ask… when you are close to your family, especially siblings, how does a potential suitor not date your loved ones?

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