He Said He Loves Me

He said he loves me.

He hasn’t seen me in years. We’ve been broken up for longer than we were together. We’ve had countless encounters with others – physical, emotional, spiritual.

And, yet…

He said he loves me.

He wasn’t there when I graduated college or when I was sick. He didn’t hold my hand when I cried on my bedroom floor over doctors’ bills. He wasn’t there when my dog died or when I traveled to a foreign country by myself. He wasn’t present for my triumphs and sure as hell didn’t comfort me about my failures. He doesn’t know what I do or wear or see on a daily basis.

And, still…

He said he loves me.

He has no idea what I look like or smell like or feel like any more.


He said he loves me.

I’ve become something so different from the girl I was in high school. Something so removed from that innocent, trusting girl, because I weathered the storm alone. I’ve changed and grown. I’ve seen and experienced some really amazing things. Without him.

And still…

He says he loves me…

And I still love him too.

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