Soulmates in the Airport

Her heart swelled inside of her breast, the soft muscle pressing against the restrictive bones. The engorged organ straining in its confines, oozing trails of yearning and blind affection inside of her.

She closed her eyes and tried to recapture the moment. The phone call, the turn around, the sight of seeing him looking at her. She tried to reimagine the strength of his muscular arms around her waist. The warmth of his chest as it pressed into hers. How seamlessly their bodies folded into the other. How expertly their hearts synchronized, their blood flowed at the same rate… How good and honest and true and right she felt there, standing in his arms.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

The words that would never be spoken, never had to be formed around a lazy tongue, unworthy of sounds with such meaning.

Her lips, two, blushing pillows of speech remained silent, parted ever so slightly to allow the gentle intake of breath from the air that was saturated with him. Her cheek rested on the broad expanse of his shoulder, his scent filling her mind with thoughts of stay and forever.

As his arms wrapped around her body, his mouth came painfully close to the hollow of her neck and every pore in her body opened, gulping the wild air with desperate hands, drinking his electricity.

The muscles in her face, her neck and shoulders, the flesh of her stomach and ribs, the tightness of jaw and thigh alike, the stiffness of buttock and feet, the clenching of fist and eyelid melted into their shared warmth.

They became one breath, one body, one heart pumping life through one set of narrow streets of winding veins, one soul, one thought of: at last.

She knew it wasn’t right. She knew she had to leave. She knew there was no future for them. And yet, for the moment, all she did was feel. Feel him, feel love, feel home, feel the world melt away.

She could know better later.

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