Ms.Fortune and The Theory of Soulmates

It’s wonderful when someone sees something in you, something that you always knew you had, but could never put into words. I’m not talking about dollar store compliments that can be handed out to make one think they’re pretty or sexy – but when someone can simply look at you and see you. Not physical aspects, but really see you. All of you. Your soul. Your worth.

And not everyone will see it. Even people you love dearly may never truly see you. And then there are people who may only cross your path for a night or so, and yet they change your life forever, because they have recognized something in you, something divine, and they’ve accepted its place in the world. It’s almost as if there is a silver cord that connects you to a very select amount of people and when you meet another who shares the same binding, the same core, it becomes tangible, if only for a second.

And that is magic.

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